Learn Ukulele in a Breeze

FLEA® ukuleles stand upright on their own!

We feature fun, durable FLEA® brand ukuleles.

Expert craftsmanship by The Magic Fluke Company. Made in the USA.

Perfect for beginners and pros.

Their superb features advance the skills and thrills of any player.

Playing ukulele creates an easy path to learning guitar, too.

Order now, get FREE DELIVERY to any continental USA address!

Our program serves ukulele players & hospitalized kids. Purchases help us grow our community mission. Know others looking for a terrific ukulele – or easier alternative to guitar? We appreciate you sending them our way!

CLICK HERE to learn more at our website

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21 thoughts on “Learn Ukulele in a Breeze

  1. Popularity of this “little instrument with a big heart” is soaring. Many famous guitarists play ukulele or credit their start to ukulele (e.g., Paul McCartney, Chet Atkins, Peter Frampton).

    Choosing an instrument can be dizzying. We keep it simple. We believe FLEA® ukuleles are the easiest, best all round instruments for beginners and experienced players. Even if you already own a ukulele, you’ll love your FLEA® instrument and how your skills advance up and down the fingerboard.

    Features include: concert-size scale and wider neck for easy chording, Australian hoop pine top that delivers crisp vibrant tone, hard maple neck, quality tuning pegs, durable molded back and sides that are easy to wipe clean, precision polycarbonate fingerboard with non-metal frets, and a flat bottom … sits upright on a desk, nightstand, shelf, next to the computer … grab it and strum anytime!

    Our program serves ukulele players and hospitalized kids. Purchasing your FLEA® ukulele from us spreads joy to others, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for checking us out!

    Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

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